Young Alumni Council

Rhody with young alumni.

The Young Alumni Council (YAC) is a volunteer-based leadership organization dedicated to engaging alumni up to age 35. The council keeps young alumni connected in meaningful ways that deepen their commitment to the University and prepare them for lifelong engagement.

The council organizes a variety of events and programs aimed at keeping young alumni connected with each other and the University, offering professional networking opportunities, and recognizing accomplished young alumni. These may include:

  • Annual meetups during Homecoming
  • Regional meetups outside of Rhode Island
  • 10 Under 10 Awards recognition program

Why join the Young Alumni Council?

Involvement in YAC is a great way to get to know other young alumni, grow your professional network, gain resume-worthy organizational skills, and have a say in the alumni programs, social events, and networking opportunities offered to your peers.

Young Alumni Council Interest Form

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