Corporate and Foundation Relations

For Corporations and Foundations

Your organization’s support can transform the student experience, innovation, and research. Philanthropic gifts from corporations and foundations takes many forms, including:

  • gifts for endowment
  • faculty support
  • facility construction
  • scholarships and fellowships
  • research
  • public outreach
  • internships
  • sponsorships
  • technology transfer
  • diversity programming
  • access to education for underserved audiences

We are here to provide expertise and guidance to corporations and foundations looking to support the University for any purpose. We promote interdisciplinary partnerships and coordinate an effective, University-wide approach for your organization.

We invite you to talk to us and find a way to make a meaningful gift today.

Katharine Hazard Flynn, Executive Director, 401.874.7084,
Sharon Pavignano, Associate Director, 401.874.5124,
Katie McGwin, Associate Director, 401.874.9509,
Jenn Brackett, Grant Writer, at 401.874.5809 or
Patricia Gross, Grants and Stewardship Coordinator, 401.874.5631,

For Faculty, Staff, and Student Researchers

We are available to offer expertise and guidance to faculty, staff, and students looking for funding for their project or program through the following services:

  • Identification of corporate and/or foundation funding prospects
  • Preparation and development of grant proposals and reports
  • Coordination with the URI Division of Research and Economic Development and the URI Business Engagement Center
  • Developing and furthering corporate and foundation relationships

If you are not sure how or where to file a grant application, or have never written a grant before, we are here to help.

Whether it is for research support, program funding, sponsorships, or anything else, the Corporate and Foundation Relations team is ready to work with you. Tell us about your idea and how we can help.

Funding Opportunities

  • Invites Applications for American Fellowships
    Deadline: November 1, 2022 | Since 1881, the American Association of University Women has worked as a national grassroots organization to improve the lives of millions of women and their families. To that end, it invites applications for its American Fellowships program, which will provide $8,000 – $50,000 grants in support of women scholars who are working on completing dissertations, conducting postdoctoral research full time, or preparing research for publication for eight consecutive weeks. American Fellowships are open to women scholars in all fields of study, and three categories of awards are supported through the program.

  • Invites Applications for Medical Education Grants
    Deadline: November 1, 2022 | Biogen’s Grants Management & Strategic Giving Office stewards the biotechnology company’s global grant and giving strategy to catalyze scientific innovation, address unmet patient needs, and advance medical and disease education. To that end, the office invites applications for its Medical Education grants program, which will award grants to qualified institutions or organizations supporting independent medical and educational activities for healthcare professionals and researchers. Medical education may be accredited or non-accredited. Biogen considers requests in multiple sclerosis and spinal muscular atrophy.

  • Invites Applications for Anthropological Research Grants
    Deadline: November 1, 2022
     | The Wenner-Gren Foundation is committed to playing a leadership role in anthropology and works to help anthropologists advance anthropological knowledge, build sustainable careers, and amplify the impact of anthropology on the broader world. To that end, the foundation invites applications for its Post-PhD Research grants program. Through the program, grants of up to $25,000 will be awarded to support individual research projects undertaken by doctorates in anthropology or a closely related field. The program’s goal is to support vibrant and significant work that furthers the understanding of what it means to be human. There is no preference for any methodology, research location, topic, or subfield, and the foundation welcomes proposals that integrate two or more subfields and pioneer new approaches and ideas.

  • Invites Applications for Research in Aquatic Microbial Ecology and Evolution
    Deadline: November 4, 2022 at 12 noon ET (Letters of Intent)
     | The Simons Foundation invites applications for the 2023 Simons Early Career Investigator in Aquatic Microbial Ecology and Evolution Awards. The foundation will award grants of up to $270,000 a year for three years (limited to 20 percent of modified total direct costs) to outstanding investigators in the fields of microbial ecology and evolution in marine or natural freshwater systems, which will advance understanding through experiments, modeling, or theory. Investigators must be currently active in basic research addressing fundamental questions in microbial ecology and/or evolution in natural aquatic systems, excluding research focusing on the microbiomes of animals or plants, problems related to pollution and paleoceanography, and/or geobiology.

  • Invites Applications for Health Policy Fellows Program
    Deadline: November 7, 2022 (preliminary applications) | The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation invites applications for its Health Policy Fellows program. The RWJF Health Policy Fellows program provides the nation’s most comprehensive learning experience at the nexus of health, science, and policy in Washington, D.C. It is an opportunity for exceptional mid-career health professionals and behavioral/ social scientists with an interest in health and healthcare policy to participate in the policy process at the federal level and use that leadership experience to improve health equity, health care, and health policy. Up to six awards of $165,000 each will be made in 2023.

  • Invites Applications for Research Scholar Award
    Deadline: November 9, 2022 | Founded in 1897, the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) is the trusted voice of the GI community and its 16,000 members are involved in all aspects of gastroenterology science, practice, and advancement. The AGA invites applications for the Research Scholar Award, through which the AGA aims to support early-career investigators working toward independent and productive research careers in digestive diseases by ensuring that a major proportion of their time is protected for research. Through the program, grants of $100,000 per year for three years (totaling $300,000) will be awarded to early-career faculty (i.e., investigator, instructor, research associate, or equivalent) working toward an independent career in digestive disease research. Applicants performing any research (basic, translational, clinical) relevant to digestive disorders are eligible to apply.

  • Invites Applications for programs Serving Children and Youth
    Deadline: November 14, 2022 | The Panera Bread Foundation envisions a world in which young people can unlock their full potential and dare to dream—a world in which opportunity and economic mobility are accessible and equitable for all. The foundation’s grant program awards organizations with a common vision and purpose of investing in children and youth to become leaders. To that end, nonprofit organizations will award grants that provide access to education, opportunity, and mentorship to at-risk, underserved, or historically underrepresented children and youth. Current 2022 Panera Bread Foundation grant partners predominantly serve high school and middle school students. The programs for high school students help youth stay in and do well in school, graduate high school, attend post-secondary school, or find a long-term career path. In contrast, middle school programs are focused on strengthening learning skills, enhancing hard and soft skills, and helping children build healthy relationships with trusted adults through mentorship programs. Other programs serve students by specializing in STEM or STEAM programs. Grants between $25,000 and $150,000 will be awarded to recipients in early 2023.

  • Invites Applications from Distinguished Investigators
    Deadline: November 15, 2022 | The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is a voluntary health organization that gives those affected by suicide a nationwide community empowered by research, education, and advocacy to take action against this leading cause of death. To that end, AFSP invites applications for its Distinguished Investigator Innovation grants program, which will provide grants of up to $150,000 over two years to investigators at the level of associate or full professor with an established record of research and publication in the area of suicide. Research grants program priority areas for 2020-2022 include: diversity, evaluation of technical tools for suicide prevention, and survivors of suicide loss.

  • Invites Applications for Personality Psychology Research
    Deadline: November 30, 2022 | The American Psychological Foundation invites applications for its Theodore Millon Grant in Personality Psychology. A $5,000 grant will be awarded to an outstanding psychologist engaged in advancing the science of personality psychology, including areas of personality theory, personality disorders, and personality assessment. Preference will be given to work that improves the study, development, and delivery of personality assessment, as represented by the work of Millon.

  • Invites Applications for Cornerstone: Learning for Living Initiative
    Deadline: December 1, 2022 (concept papers) | The Teagle Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) are jointly sponsoring the Cornerstone: Learning for Living initiative, a grant program to revitalize the role of the humanities in general education.
    The initiative aims to reinvigorate the role of the humanities in general education and, in doing so, expose a broad array of students to the power of the humanities; help students of all backgrounds build a sense of belonging and community; strengthen the coherence and cohesiveness of general education; and increase teaching opportunities for humanities faculty.
    Two types of grants will be awarded through the initiative: planning grants and implementation grants. Through the program, grants of up to $25,000 over six to 12 months for planning and up to $350,000 over 24 months for implementation will be awarded.

  • Invites Applications for Program/Project Grants
    Deadline: January 16, 2023 (applications accepted starting January 1, 2023) | van Beuren Charitable Foundation (vBCF) grant priority areas are intentionally designed to recognize the connections between education, health, economic development, and place. Grant consideration will focus on the community impact the proposed activities will have on one or more of these priority areas. Across these areas, vBCF invests in design that connects the improvement of buildings and landscapes to community aspirations.

  • Accepting LOIs for PLGA Tumor Research
    Deadline: Open | The organization A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure is accepting letters of intent for basic and translational projects with the potential to advance understanding of the underlying biology of the development and treatment of pediatric low-grade glioma (PLGA) tumors. Award amounts vary.

  • Invites Applications for Rapid Pathogen Research
    Deadline: Rolling | The Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research supports pioneering science that helps provide everyone access to affordable, nutritious food grown on thriving farms. To that end, the foundation invites concept notes for its Rapid Outcomes from Agricultural Research (ROAR) program, which provides urgent funding in support of research and outreach to address emerging or unanticipated threats to the nation’s food supply or agricultural systems. Concept notes are accepted year-round. Upon review, the foundation invites selected applicants for a complete application.

  • Invites Applications for Breast, Prostate Cancer Research
    Deadline: Ongoing | Brander Beacons Cancer Research (BBCR) is accepting applications from organizations doing breakthrough research focused on the prevention, treatment, and cures for breast and prostate cancer. Grants ranging between $5,000 and $25,000 will be awarded to teams doing research with the potential to significantly improve cancer prevention, treatment, access to, and, ultimately, a cure for breast and prostate cancer.

  • Accepting Proposal for Rapid Ocean Conservation Grants Program
    Deadline: Rolling | The Waitt Foundation is accepting proposals for its Rapid Ocean Conservation Grants Program, which provides small grants with a quick turnaround time for solutions to emerging conservation issues and ocean protection. Grants of up to $20,000 will be awarded to support projects related to the Waitt Foundation mission of supporting sustainable fishing and marine protected areas.